Authentication Technology - The Write Way To Unlock

Cannot remember so many passwords?
Tired of typing passwords on small device?
Multiple accounts been compromised all the time?

Users suffered from memorizing lengthy and complex passwords for years. In the mobile world, it gets even harder to manage multiple account through smaller devices. With more and more surveillance cameras installed in public, passwords will also have higher risk to be recorded during typing.

Many solutions have been provided to solve the above problems. Facial recognition is convenient but can be easily hacked by using photo; fingerprint identification is also an innovative technology to use. However, it can be hacked using forged fingerprint and due to its high cost, over 95% of smartphones in the world do not have fingerprint sensor.

AirSig intends to make revolution in authentication. When integrate AirSig in smartphone, one holds the phone as a magic wand to sign in the air. The software will capture one’s unique writing pattern through embedded g-sensor and gyroscope to perform authentication process.

AirSig is secure because it considers what you know (your signature), who you are (the particular way to sign your code), and what you have (your own smartphone with AirSig installed) at the same time. Thus AirSig is a 3-factor authentication solution.

AirSig only uses sensors embedded in smartphones and wearable devices to capture unique signature pattern in the air, so there is no additional hardware cost to use this technology.

    Highlights of AirSig

  1. The world’s first 3-factor authentication which accomplishes high convenience, high security and low cost implementation.

  2. It’s easy to use compared to existing mobile authentication technology such as password, fingerprint identification and facial recognition. Password is hard to remember and type; fingerprint identification is not available to most smartphones due to high cost; and facial recognition is easy to hack with photo and hard to use under certain lighting environments.

  3. Suitable for situations requiring different level of security utilizing existing embedded sensors including but not limited to screen unlock, e-commerce, online payment, physical access control.